Comprehensive Risk Stratification
15 Minute Test + Immediate Report
OARS is Reimbursed by Many Insurers
State and Federal Guidelines increasingly recommend or require the use of a risk assessment prior to prescribing an opioid. The OARS fits easily into any clinical workflow and makes testing affordable (or even profitable!).

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The OARS was developed to work on any internet-enabled device, preferably a tablet in the clinic. However, remote administration is also possible.

If a suitable device is unavailable, and remote-administration is not possible, we may have limited support to subsidize the cost of an iPad.

The Opioid Epidemic


40% of over 100 Million individuals in the US with chronic pain will seek medical help for pain.


20% of those 40 Million pain patients will become addicted to analgesics during treatment.


35% of those 40 Million pain patients are high risk for abuse or misuse of controlled substances.

Do you know your at risk patients?