InteraSolutions® is comprised of a team of professional clinicians, leading researchers, healthcare specialists and technology experts focused on developing and providing innovative, evidence-based behavioral health assessment tools.
The initial mission of InteraSolutions has been directed to the ever-increasing problem of opioid abuse and risk stratification. The InteraSolutions team understands that medical practitioners need better psychological assessment tools to assist them in the diagnosis and treatment of all of their patients, but particularly those dealing with pain and potential addiction issues.
Ongoing research collaborations have led us to expand our offered tools to other behavioral health assessments solutions, including: depression, anxiety, ADD, hypogonadism, resilience, change readiness, and wellness.
InteraSolutions is committed to developing, and providing to the medical community, the most reliable and high quality assessment tools. Our years of experience in the medical field and researching behavioral health issues makes us a natural choice for those desiring valid and reliable tools to provide comprehensive care for their patients. We don’t rest on past research, but are investing in ongoing opportunities to update our tools to align with the latest information across multiple related disciplines.